What Does Love Mean

What Does Love Mean

 “You don’t have to go in a relationship with a very clever person, you don’t have to love … you have to choose a little stupid person for a relationship … you have to love !!

Dumb Smart Person

Too smart people can’t always be favorite people …

Most of the time they get involved to show their cunning … their job is to fool others and make themselves brave all the time !!

Clever and intelligent are not the same thing … You can’t stay with a smart person all the time, you stop breathing … but you can spend your whole life with an intelligent person … The love of most smart people doesn’t last long … They are doubt, disbelief , Is engrossed in ego and arrogance !!

The word clever means “Negative”

If you notice, the number of friends of a clever person is less than that of an intelligent person … because

Most people don’t like very clever people … the word clever is negative … the smarter the thoughts, the more negative they are !!

Clever people can be loved, but love is not found next to them for life … Whenever their cunning is caught, the real form comes out behind their masks … Since then, they do not take time to cut !!

Clever People are not Lovers

If you look at your lover’s sari and look like a fool, if you don’t look like a fool, then he is not a lover, he is sensual … or if you have to choose a secluded place in a park or a dark place in the corner of a restaurant to go on a date, then I will say you are wrong. You are with the man !!

A lover who can’t have tea or blisters on the sidewalk with his boyfriend can’t be satisfied but if his goal is to spend thousands of rupees in a restaurant, then he can’t be a girlfriend anyway … the interest in a restaurant is not love !!

Clever people don’t value feelings

A foolish man will value your feelings, think of you … but a clever man will not value your feelings, but will hurt you by capitalizing on your feelings … their job is to play with the feelings of others !!

What Does Love Mean..

The man of love is a little stupid … Foolish people never cheat on anyone anymore … And the man of love is never cheated, but even if he cheats himself, he falls in love with the man !!

The real Thing

Intelligent people do not lose easily, they do not get caught … but clever people get lost at such a stage in their life by doing tricks, they get caught in such a way, then there is nothing left to do … they have to spend their whole life with lost life !!

The End


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